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Leapfrog Physiotherapy is a community-based mobile paediatric physiotherapy service

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About Us

Leapfrog Physiotherapy provides land-based physiotherapy and hydrotherapy services all over Adelaide, including the Adelaide Hills and parts of the Fleurieu. We are passionate about providing high quality service to infants, children, young adults and their families within their own environment - at home, school, kindergarten, child care and the local playground or pool.

We work with a team based approach to share goals and strategies with your child's carers, teachers and therapy team to offer consistent and cohesive input.


Even before they are born, babies and children develop their strength and skills through play and experimentation. Facilitating play-based therapy helps children remain engaged and motivated to learn and achieve.

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As a mobile service, we travel to your child's home, school or place of care to provide tailored therapy solutions based on their environment and needs. This can include initial assessments, NDIA reports, rehabilitation, facilitating walking and running patterns, developing play and gross motor skills and prescribing mobility and positioning equipment.

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Hydrotherapy is a fantastic way to develop core strength, coordination and endurance in a fun and challenging environment. We offer hydrotherapy at several locations, including Stirling, Marion, Melrose Park and North Adelaide - please contact us to determine what location and times may suit you and your child best.

Staff Profiles

  • Profile picture of Jordan Cameron Profile picture of Jordan Cameron

    Jordan Cameron

    Jordan is the founder and principal clinician at Leapfrog and is an experienced senior paediatric physiotherapist who has worked with hundreds of children and families across South Australia with a wide variety of conditions and diagnoses.

    Beginning her career at Novita Children's Services, Jordan worked in conjunction with OTs, Speech Pathologists, Psychologists and Rehabilitation Clinicians across the Child and Adolescent, Regional and Early Childhood teams. Taking a special interest in hydrotherapy, Jordan began work at Child's Play Physiotherapy and Aquatics after obtaining her AustSwim Swim Teaching licence as well as completing specialist physiotherapy courses in Aquatic Therapy for children with physical disabilities and ASD.

    Jordan loves developing fun and innovative therapy sessions to challenge her clients and put a smile on their face and is known for her wicked sense of humour. When she's not at Leapfrog, Jordan can be found chasing around her two small children on their farm in Macclesfield.

  • Profile Picture of Cindy Chang Profile Picture of Cindy Chang

    Cindy Chang

    Cindy has been a much loved member of the Leapfrog team since 2017 and is one of the kindest and most well organised humans we know. She completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy at UniSA in 2011 and went on to complete her Masters in Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy in 2014. Since graduating, she has worked in a variety of clinical settings, ranging from a coastal sea change in Victor Harbor to six months in Melbourne. She has extensive experience in sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapy, as well as rehabilitation and Pilates.

    Cindy has always been passionate about working with children and has a strong interest in rehabilitation and disability. She believes in creating a fun and challenging environment to motivate her clients and has completed her AustSwim teacher certification to further her skills in the pool.

    Aside from being an energetic and fun physio, Cindy is well-known for her love of dinosaurs, her gingerbread baking skills and her ability to pack a lot of life, laughter and adventure into her days.

  • Profile Picture of Kate Redden Profile Picture of Kate Redden

    Kate Redden

    Kate started with Leapfrog in 2016 and is our longest serving employee and a much valued ray of sunshine in our team! She studied Physiotherapy at the University of South Australia and has worked in the Community Services sector performing roles in rehabilitation, hydrotherapy, group classes, musculoskeletal physiotherapy and aged care.

    Kate is passionate about hydrotherapy and has also completed her AustSwim swimming teacher certification. Kate has a wonderful sense of fun and loves to create engaging and motivating sessions that centre around her clients' interests.

    When she's not at Leapfrog or working on her Master's degree in research at UniSA, you'll find Kate at the beach or out in nature with her gorgeous little groodle Duckie.

  • Profile Picture of Cara Baronian Profile Picture of Cara Baronian

    Cara Baronian

    Cara joined Leapfrog at the start of 2018 as a new graduate, having completed her Masters of Physiotherapy at UniSA after obtaining a Bachelor of Health Science at the University of Adelaide. Cara has always had a passion for working with infants and children and is well loved by the families she works with (and her Leapfrog fam) for her caring and patient attitude.

    Cara has completed the Austswim Swim Teacher course and the Australian Physiotherapy Associations Paediatrics level one course as well as Autism Spectrum Diagnosis training. Her special interest is early intervention for infants and toddlers and she loves to see her clients grow and learn new skills every week.

    Cara is taking some maternity leave at the moment and is loving the Mum life with her two littles plus all the updates from her clients who have all been missing her!

  • Profile Picture of Rachel Mortimer Profile Picture of Rachel Mortimer

    Rachel Mortimer

    Rachel studied her Masters of Physiotherapy at UniSA and was employed by Novita Children's Services after graduating, where she gained wide and varied experience in many fields including equipment prescription, school transfer planning and gait and orthotic assessment.

    Rachel has a passion for hydrotherapy and has worked at Child's Play Physiotherapy and Aquatics and undertook her AustSwim Swim Teacher licence as well as other specialist physiotherapy courses in Aquatic Therapy.

    Rachel joined Leapfrog in 2018 and is loved by her clients for her thorough and caring nature and her tendency to go above and beyond. She is kind and quick to laugh and aims to make her sessions so fun that the kids don't even realise how hard they're working!

  • Profile Picture of Gaby Oswald Profile Picture of Gaby Oswald

    Gaby Oswald

    Gaby joined the Leapfrog family in 2020 and works with us alongside her role in the Child and Youth Health team at Lyell McEwin Hospital . Her background includes working as a paediatric orthotist/prosthetist at Novita Children's Services for several years before completing her Masters in Physiotherapy and working at the Women's and Children's Hospital for a couple of years..

    Gaby is passionate about infant assessment and development, having completed specialist training in assessment and play therapy including Prechtl's General Movements assessment. Gaby has extensive experience working in the infant assessment clinic in her roles with SA Health and is known for her thoroughness and eye for detail..

    Gaby's innate sense of fun, her zany sense of humour and the way she throws herself into her sessions has cemented her as a firm favourite with her families, clients and everyone she meets. On her days off you'll find her at the beach with her baby son and her doggo Banjo.

  • Profile Picture of Daniel Byrne Profile Picture of Daniel Byrne

    Daniel Byrne

    Daniel worked in a private musculoskeletal physio clinic for almost five years before diving into Paediatric Physio when he joined Leapfrog at the start of 2022, where he fast became a client favourite. He has a passion for helping children thrive during their developmental years and the patience to work through the good and bad days. His clients love his down-to-earth, easy-going nature and the way his love of sports and movement shines through in all his sessions. Daniel hopes to encourage a healthy relationship with exercise and mobility using evidence-based assessment and management. He completed his AustSwim training in 2022 and is always looking for ways to upskill and improve his clinical skills, and we really value the passion he has in striving to achieve the best results for the kids and families he works with..

    Outside of his professional life, Daniel is an avid enthusiast of the great outdoors and loves spending time at the beach or exploring hidden walking trails. He also has a keen interest in sports, with cricket holding a special place in his heart. In his downtime he enjoys cooking, where he's always making up tasty new recipes for his friends and family to try.

  • Profile Picture of Nora De Bono Profile Picture of Nora De Bono

    Nora De Bono

    Nora joined the Leapfrog family in 2022 and her warm, caring nature and wealth of experience has made her a valuable and beloved member of the team. Nora has over 12 years' experience in providing physiotherapy to a broad range of patients from the very young to the very old. Nora has a keen insight into problem solving and takes pride in bringing individualised solutions to her clients to help them be as active, mobile and pain-free as possible. Drawing on her experience in a variety of clinical settings Nora is able to tailor a variety of treatment options to set her patients up to live their best lives.

    Nora believes working in conjunction with all members of the team who contribute to her patients’ wellbeing, whilst ensuring the individual is included in and remains at the core of the therapy, is vital to achieving the best outcomes for her patients.

    Having completed her Austswim swim teacher training you can find Nora splashing about in the pool and competing in noodle races with gusto. She continues to amaze and impress us with her ability to find and adapt new songs and activities to keep her clients entertained and engaged and it's clear that she puts a lot of time and passion into everything she does.

  • Profile Picture of Tanja Rudd Profile Picture of Tanja Rudd

    Tanja Rudd

    Tanja first started with Leapfrog in 2016 and has recently re-joined the Leapfrog Family after living overseas with her family for a couple of years.

    She undertook her Bachelors Degree of Physiotherapy in Brazil before completing her Masters Degree in Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotetapy at UniSA in 2006 and making Adelaide home since.

    Her background includes working as a Sports Physiotherapist with a special interest in soccer as well as working in Paediatrics since 2015 - at which time Tanja and Jordan met and worked together at Child's Play before she joined the Leapfrog Team shortly after its establishment.

    She believes in creating a safe, fun and positive environment to engage her clients and has completed her AustSwim teacher certification to diversify her sessions in the pool. Tanja loves challenging her clients to set goals as well as celebrating every milestone achieved along the way.

    Tanja's caring nature and incredible love for the work she does has been the foundation for several long-lasting bonds of trust between her and the families she works with as well as her peers.

    When she's not at Leapfrog Tanja is usually taxi-ing her 3 daughters around Adelaide, volunteering, going for beach walks or gardening.

  • Profile Picture of Lisa Vernon Profile Picture of Lisa Vernon

    Lisa Vernon

    After over a decade of experience in private practice, Lisa crossed over to the 'light side' and was roped into Paediatric Physiotherapy by her physio classmate Jordan in the beginning of 2022. Jordan knew that Lisa's innate sense of fun, her natural rapport with kids and her caring attitude, when paired with her clinical experience, would be the making of a wonderful paeds physio and this has been proved correct.

    Lisa loves to throw herself into her physio sessions and her high energy and enthusiasm have won many hearts. Lisa has completed her AustSwim Swim Teacher training and is always keen to expand on her knowledge and clinical expertise.

    When she isn't at work, Lisa enjoys gardening, getting crafty and spending time adventuring with her daughter and doggo.

  • Profile Picture of Mikayla Franz Profile Picture of Mikayla Franz

    Mikayla Franz

    Mikayla joined the Leapfrog team at the end of 2022 after having completed her double degree (Bachelor of Health Science (Applied Physiotherapy) and Masters of Physiotherapy) at Flinders University. Mikayla always knew she wanted to work in the fields of paediatrics and disability, owing to her love of working with kids and her personal experience with a family member with a disability. Her bubbly, effervescent personality, her work ethic and her willingness to learn made it immediately apparant that she is a natural Paeds Physio and has been a wonderful and valued addition to the team.

    Mikayla is very creative and loves making up new games and activities to keep therapy sessions fresh and fun. Her clients love her playful nature and infectious laugh.

    When she isn't working, you'll likely find Mikayla on the netball court or with her two cheeky fur babies, Levi and Dakota. She also loves baking, hiking and decorating her house with a zillion house plants.

Join the Team

We pride ourselves on our staff retention rates and like keeping a tight-knit team, and as such we don’t hire often, but occasionally we do have opportunities to join the team and we’re always keen to meet physios who are working in or interested in working in paediatrics and disability. It’s such a rewarding and fun job and there is a huge demand for services at the moment, so if we can help mentor and encourage more physios to work in this field then so much the better!

At Leapfrog we value our staff very highly and have a friendly and supportive working culture . Our team is everything, and we are so fortunate to have such an amazing group of physios working with us. At Leapfrog we offer:

  • Flexible days and hours
  • Generous pay with all equipment and uniform supplied
  • Fun, friendly and supportive team of 11 physios
  • PD budget, in-house PD sessions and 1:1 clinical supervision with lots of learning opportunities
  • Challenging and rewarding role working closely with families and children with disabilities
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Fees are based upon client's needs and funding source and can be obtained via quote.

  • NDIS

    We are able to see NDIS participants who are self or plan managed. Agency Managed clients can contact the NDIS to change their plan management to allow this.

  • Private Health

    Our services can be claimed back through most private health providers - contact your provider for more details.

  • Medicare/Enhanced Primary Care Plans

    Leapfrog Physiotherapy is a registered Medicare Provider, and can accept Enhanced Primary Care Plans - consult your GP to see if your child is eligible to receive this funding.

  • Self Funded

    Please contact us to obtain a tailored quote.

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As a small business it's important for us to understand where our clients are coming from. Please take a moment to tell us how you found your way to us.

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COVID-19 Notice

We've changed our practices due to the COVID-19 outbreak and have suspended aquatic therapy services until further notice. We are currently offering Teletherapy services and reserving face-to-face appointments for urgent care only. For these appointments we're taking extra precautions and all our therapists have received additional training in infection control when working with people with disabilities in the community. We're here to support you in any way we can!